Shoko Nagai -Taken Shadows


Shoko Nagai (Compositions/ Piano/ Moog/ Nintendo DS)
Todd Reynolds  (Violin/ Electronics)
Jonathan Goldberger (Guitar/effects)
Stomu Takeishi (Electric Bass)
Jim Black (Drums)

Produced by Shoko Nagai, recorded live at Roulette

The worst curse for a demon who lives between the living and the dead is inability to die. 
By stepping on a mortal's shadow, a demon can become a human. And a demon can die.
On the other hand, a human who's shadow has been stepped by a demon, becomes a demon. 
And he or she, now has to find and step on another mortal's shadow....

New York based composer/pianist Shoko Nagai's new project "tAKE'N sHADOW" explores the essence of contemporary music. With the elements of the contemporary western music, experimental electronic music and improvisations, her compositions with its use of multiple textures and the open sense of time evokes another realm of time and place and a old tale….

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"Shoko Nagai was the star of this one, playing creepy, surreal, crashingly and virtuosically intense piano and accordion in the gypsy singer’s band".-New York Music Daily  

"A veteran of the downtown jazz scene, pianist and accordionist Shoko Nagai delivered some of the most adventurous improvisatory solos of the night and helped fill out the band’s sound with sophisticated riffs from the keyboard.” - Jewish Daily Forward

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